LGBTQ Inclusive Lesson Plans and Resources : The Pilot

Subjecting an idea to study is both scholarly and terrifying. We believed that working with academic content and pedagogy in an era where we actively addressing inequity in public education meant that no part of our commitment to LGBTQ Inclusive Education could be casual. Thereby it was a necessity to engage education – schools, administrators, classroom teachers – in the process and find out more about the “whys” and “hows”, and be able to provide schools with data that informs decisions as a result.

In June of 2019, a pilot program was conceived to explore impacts related to student outcomes, teacher preparation, and school readiness with regards to LGBTQ Inclusive lessons and educational materials. the lessons available through this website were created for this pilot, and we commenced in schools for the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year. Cut short in some ways by the COVID-19 crisis, the study closed in June 2020 and data and analysis will be published here when complete (likely September 2020).

This document outlines the entire pilot plan.

None of this would have  been possible without dozens of schools demonstrating not only interest, but commitment, to the this effort.


To our LGBTQ Inclusive Lessons and Resources Pilot Schools

Thank you for your commitment to the inclusion of LGBTQ individuals and topics in lessons. As educators and administrators, we cannot thank you enough for allowing us to share our vision of an LGBTQ inclusive school environement. As a pilot school, you took the time to teach LGBTQ topics in your classrooms, create inclusive lessons, and most importantly, share your experiences, expertise and honest feedback of the pilot process. Your participation, feedback and commitment will help every school in the State of New Jersey in their journey of integrating LGBTQ lessons and resources in their districts! Thank you for your commitment to teaching about the social, political and economic contribution of LGBTQ people, we could not have done this incredible work without you!

Please note that the executive summary of the findings of the LGBTQ Inclusive Lessons and Resources Pilot Program will be released early autumn 2020 and will feature the quantitative data from the pilot program only. Soon after, the full report will be made public. The full report will contain the quantitative data from the surveys and the qualitative data from the focus group discussions. Lastly, comparative reports on schools will be published later in the year. Anonymity regarding names will be maintained throughout all publications.

Thank you to the educators and school leadership our Pilot Program Schools:

Chartertech High School for the Performing Arts
Highland Park Public Schools
Rumson School District
Pinelands Regional School District
Unity Charter School
Newark Board of Education
Bergen Arts and Sciences
Millburn Township
Asbury Park School District
Haddon Heights

With Appreciation,

Lori Burns, Ed.D.
Pilot Program Manager/Lead Researcher

Ashley Chiapanno
Safe Schools and Community Education Manager – Garden State Equality

Kate Okeson
Lessons and Resources Manager and Instructional Coach – Make It Better for Youth