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These selected plans were written by educators with a focus on comprehensive and authentic ways to engage with gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and marginalized identities across multiple content areas. They are viewable on this site or downloadable, and while they are typically listed as being  for a particular grade level, they are adaptable. Don’t let the grade level or the specific content area dissuade you from modifying the content!

Additionally, It has always been our goal to be responsible with our content, to be intersectional in approach, and to acknowledge that while we are writing with a focus on LGBTQ identities, that these are one identity or part of an identity, and many of us experience life from multiple social and cultural identities. With that said, these lessons are a model, and as much as they may illuminate something which wasn’t seen before, they also demonstrate that there are many lessons we teach (and things we experience in life) that are inherently “silent” on gender and sexuality.

In the best of practices, we envision that these lessons are taught as living documents, and that they serve as a model for examining other lessons in your curriculum to seek locations of inclusion which weren’t previously apparent. To this end, we hope that you share the work you create with us and others, and that together we change the educational experience of all NJ students’ to be open, inclusive, and accurate.

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